What people are saying

What people are saying about the Speech Guard System:

“ The missing link in ceiling design”

“Finally the bridge between the acoustical ceiling tile industry and the lighting
industry has been crossed”

“A night a day difference in speech privacy after the Speech Guard System was
installed on my ceiling.”

“The conference room back ground noise level is now low enough to be used
for all the tasks it was intended for.”

“Our company secrets now remain secrets since the installation of the Speech Guard System above our executive offices.”

“We finally can use are video conference room without the constant rush of noise coming through ceiling.”

“Our trainers and trainees now have a room that supports speaking and listening,
prior to the Speech Guard System speech was masked by ambient noise.”

“In the HR Department we had to whisper when discussing confidential information
prior to Speech Guard.”

“We are very pleased with Speech Guards performance, we learned are lesson the hard way though. If we had had it last year, the split news would not have gotten
out and moral would not be suffering.”

“When some one is giving or getting some serious news about their health they have a right to privacy, with Speech Guard they now get that privacy”

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