Noise reduction in warehouse office – Leland Limited – Gas Technologies

Our Warehouse Manager was faced with constant distractions from the forklifts and other noise from our production area. Telephone conversations to schedule transportation was difficult due to the noise level in the Shipping & Receiving office. At first I thought about moving the office into our general office area away from operations departments. This move would not be practical as there is also a great deal of hands on interaction with warehouse employees, which makes it necessary for the Warehouse Manager to remain located in the warehouse.

By installing Speech Guard & Shield Guard in the drop ceiling above the office, the noise level dropped significantly and proved to be a very effective solution. This sound reduction treatment also provided speech privacy in the office for employee disciplinary discussions and yearly reviews. In the past, the warehouse manager had to meet with employees in an office or conference room in the general office area. Great products that I would strongly recommend for both speech privacy and sound control.