Speech Guard System

Light Hood Component

Technical Data Sheet
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Speech Guard is installed over lighting fixtures in a suspended ceiling. Lighting fixtures have been identified as a significant path for speech to enter and exit the ceiling plenum and travel to neighboring enclosed offices or open rooms.

Benefits: This product greatly improves speech privacy, which results in increased worker productivity, improved worker morale, and a reduced threat of corporate espionage. Installation is quick and easy.

Composition and Materials: Product is covered on both sides with a non-woven polyester rayon facing and then thermally molded. Core is thick rigid fiberglass. Ventilation openings are standard.

Applications: Private offices, conference rooms, HR departments, legal departments, medical facilities – for HIPPA compliance

Products:Speech Guard Acoustical Light Fixture Hood Sizes available for the following size fixtures:
2’ x 2’, 2’ x 4’, 2’ x 8’, 1’ x 4’and 1’ x 8’

Product Description:
Color – Black
Noise Reduction Coefficient: NRC .80
Flame Spread: Class A
Thickness – 1’’
Height – 9’’

Applicable Standards:

Model Building Codes: (ICBO, ICC, BOCA, SBCCI) Meets and exceeds the National Electrical Code pertaining to the installation of this product over lighting fixtures.
Speech Guard is shipped in 2 or more pieces, depending on size of light fixture.


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