The Best Solution for Inter-Office Noise

What is Speech Guard ?

Speech Guard is a patented sound control system for reducing noise and increasing speech privacy in drop tile ceilings. Developed as a result of years of acoustical experience, Speech Guard is a light hood and tile system designed to block noise pathways in drop tile ceilings while still maintaining airflow and meeting fire codes.  The system consists of the Speech Guard Light Hood, Shield Guard Tile Backer, and most recently the Plenum Return Silencer. Lights are often the biggest culprit when there are issues with noise as there are often completely open pathways. The Speech Guard light hood sits comfortably over 2×2 and 2×4 light fixtures, as well as odd sized lights, to block sound. To address noise that flows through the tiles Shield Guard lays over ceiling tiles integrating with the pre-existing grid. Completing the system the Plenum Return Silencer fits over plenum air returns stopping noise from traveling through the ceiling while still allowing air to pass through the plenum return.  When used in conjunction these components cap all direct pathways for sound, greatly improving privacy and reducing noise. For acute problems various individual parts of the system can be utilized to meet the needs of a specific space. Contact us with any and all inquiries!

Some of our clients


McNeil Pharmaceutical

 When I contacted Spirit to solve this mechanical noise issue we budgeted for it being a long and costly project. It was very refreshing to find a new solution and have the project completed well below budget and six months ahead of schedule.

Speech Guard and Shield Guard make for a very effective ready made solution.


Spirit Acoustics installed Speech Guard and Shield Guard in over 200 private offices and all conference rooms in the building.

The most common statement from the building occupants – “a night and day difference in regards to to our privacy” 

I can say that the ceiling treatment not only met but exceeded our expectations. 

kabr group

We were faced with two significant problems in the new center. Number one was the high noise level above the ceiling in main training conference room. The second problem was speech privacy between breakout rooms as well the private office area’s. Fortunately for us we were able to solve all problems with the Speech Guard System.

Leland Limited – Gas Technologies

 Our Warehouse Manager was faced with constant distractions from the forklifts and other noise from our production area. Telephone conversations to schedule transportation was difficult due to the noise level in the Shipping & Receiving office. At first I thought about moving the office into our general office area away from operations departments. This move would not be practical as there is also a great deal of hands on interaction with warehouse employees, which makes it necessary for the Warehouse Manager to remain located in the warehouse.

By installing Speech Guard & Shield Guard in the drop ceiling above the office, the noise level dropped significantly and proved to be a very effective solution. This sound reduction treatment also provided speech privacy in the office for employee disciplinary discussions and yearly reviews. In the past, the warehouse manager had to meet with employees in an office or conference room in the general office area. Great products that I would strongly recommend for both speech privacy and sound control.